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The KOIKE designed Lasertex uses a patented process in which the resonator is mounted to the main beam cross carriage.  This then moves with the cutting/focus head.  The laser beam is reflected by stationary mirrors inside an air purged Sigma box.  The laser beam never changes.  This allows for capabilities of 20-feet cutting width to over 200-feet of cutting length.  Complete lights out operation can be achieved, which saves on energy costs and man power.  Laser cutting has a very low heat affected zone and can maintain tight part tolerances versus an oxy-fuel or plasma cuts.  The 4kW Laser has a cutting capacity up to 3/4 -inch mild steel and 1/2 -inch stainless steel.  The 6kW Laser has a cutting capacity up to 1-inch mild steel and 3/4 -inch stainless steel.

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"We here at Suretuf Secondary are on our fourth Koike Aronson cutting table, we have always had nothing but good luck."
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