Handy Auto Motorized Oxy-Fuel Cutting TorchHandy Auto
Motorized Oxy-Fuel Cutting Torch


The Handy Auto automatic gas cutting torch can handle straight line, bevel, circle and shape cutting by simply rotating the wheel provided on the side of the torch. This convenient torch with it's light weight body is so easy to use that you will want one in every work station!

Handy Auto Features & Benefits

  • All Position Drives
    Allows for cutting from all positions
  • High efficiency performance
    Handy Auto's drive switch is linked to the cutting oxygen valve causing simultaneous operation of cutting oxygen and drive power. 
  • Drive attachments quickly changed
    For all types of applications
  • Easy to use
  • Highest Oxy-Fuel Cutting Quality
    Safe and long lasting Koike Series 100 tips supplied with each Handy Auto. Koike superior design and quality tips ensure fast, smooth cuts. All fuel gases may be used.

The Handy Auto Series is a Go Anywhere, Do Anything Cutter

  • A Mechanized Hand Torch
  • A Product That No Metal Worker Should be Without
  • Seven Cutting Tools In One
  • Straight Line Cutting
  • Curved Line Cutting
  • Bevel Cutting
  • Small Circle Cutting 1-1/4" - 4 1/2" Diameter
  • Large Circle Cutting 4-1/2" - 39" Diameter
  • Pipe Cutting
  • Standard and Professional Versions
  • Handy Auto Plus Version with Built in igniter and Preset Valves


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