Handy Auto Plus | Motorized Oxy-Fuel Hand Cutting Torch


The Handy Auto is a hand held mechanized gas cutting torch. Koike's hottest selling product makes any standard hand torch project easier while providing greater accuracy.
Our latest model, the Handy Auto Plus now features the added convenience of auto ignition. Valves control pilot gas, cutting gas, preheat oxygen and cutting oxygen.The system utilizes a high-frequency current generator activated by squeezing the ignition lever.

Handy Auto Plus Features & Benefits

  • Motorized Oxy-Fuel Hand Torch
    Performs clean machine quality oxy fuel cuts on multiple applications; drive switch is linked to cutting oxygen valve for simultaneous operation of cutting oxygen and drive power
  • All Position Drives
    Allows cutting in any position from any direction; positive drive includes universal joints for smooth power transmission and added protection
  • Quick Change Attachments
    Perform plate beveling, circlecutting and straight line cutting with single hand change over
  • Auto Ignition
    Torch can be lit with one hand without a striker
  • Flame Pre-Set Valves
    Torch flame settings can be set once; adjustments are set for next use
  • Light Weight
    Only 2.7 kgs (5.9 lbs) and easy to carry and use
  • High Quality Oxy-Fuel Cutting Tips
    Koike's superior design Series 100 torch tips are included to ensure fast, smooth cuts.

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