Versagraph ExtremeVersagraph Extreme
A Plasma Cutting Machine

*Shown in picture:  Table, Bevel head, operator platform are optional.

The Versagraph Extreme is an extra heavy-duty, gantry, thermal cutting machine using the latest design methods such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to assure this machine can operate in the most challenging environments. The Versagraph Extreme series utilizes the latest technologies to provide unmatched speed, accuracy, versatility, reliability and durability in a thermal cutting machine.  

The Versagraph Extreme can be fully customized to fit your production needs and increase your productivity.  Multiple plasma stations, oxy-fuel stations, marking options as well as full contour plasma beveling, which is controlled through a very easy to use operator interface. Steel Service Centers, Heavy Fabricators, Equipment Manufacturers and Shipbuilders are just a few of our markets.  

Features | Standard Equipment

    Plasma & Oxy-fuel cutting process capabilities
  • Large Heavy Duty Rail System: The floor mounted rail systems provides a very rigid foundation for the large 37 KG triple machined rail. This is necessary for  very accurate and smooth machine motion.  This large heavy duty rail system can be easily expanded to accommodate additional cutting lengths or additional machines on a common rail.
  • KOIKE Engineered Main Electrical Enclosure: No proprietary components are designed into the KOIKE main electrical enclosure.  Only "Off-the-Shelf" components are structured for this design.  This main electrical enclosure incorporates Sercos-III interface for extremely fast communication between the CNC and electrical components.  18 Amp Bosch/Rexroth drives are used to give the HP required to achieve 1400 IPM rapid traverse speed.  Power requirements is 480/3/60 @ 30 Amp.
  • Powerful AC Servo Drives and Ultra Low Backlash Planetary Gearboxes: Power 6 hp drives, for X and Y-axis, provide precise, smooth, and accurate motion for excellent cut quality. 
  • Drive System Engagement: Precisely engages the pinion into the rack using dual precision linear bearings. Provides long life and accurate machine motion.
  • Large Diameter Drive Pinions: Large diameter pinions offer accurate and smooth machine motion and are designed to achieve a very 1400 IPM rapid traverse speeds.
  • Large 12" Dia. Main Roller/Rail Scrapper: Large heavy duty main saddle rollers provides stability for heavy loads while achieving smooth motion.
  • Large Brass Rail Scrappers: Provide excellent scrapping of debris to keep machine motion smooth and stable.
  • Cross Axis Cable Carrier: A sealed design keeps hoses and cables protected from harsh environments.
  • Rail Axis Cable Carrier: Can be mounted on the floor or overhead (optional). A sealed design keeps hoses and cables protected from harsh environments.
  • Heavy Duty Cross Axis Linear Bearings: Precision linear bearings provide smooth and very accurate motion while providing very heavy load capacities.
  • Slave Carriage Band Clamp: Allows easy and accurate placement and spacing of tools such as, oxy-fuel and plasma torches.
  • Cable and Hose Management: All cable and hoses are properly installed to eliminate twisting and fraying during machine motion.
  • Machine Tool Testing: All machines tested to ISO 230-2 standards. Machine Motion Accuracy: .015" Accuracy, .005" Repeatability (compensated machine motion in 72 inch; measured with laser interferometer).

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