Power Elevating 25P/E - 250P/E25P/E - 250P/E  Welding Positioner
Capacities from 2,500 to 25,000-pounds

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The 25/PE - 250/PE series Positioners provide all of the same benefits of the GE models but at a more affordable cost.

The Powered Elevation design makes maximum use of proven commercially available components, both in the elevation and guidance systems.

Elevation is made possible by means of commercial ball screw jacks for high duty cycle operation, driven by a worm/wormgear  arrangement. Elevation uses two of these screw jacks for redundancy, coupled together and driven by a common motor. Belts, chains, and transfer gears are no longer utilized in the design. Guidance is by means of wide, large diameter cam followers bearing on flat guide-ways. Cam follower contact with the guide-ways is adjustable for wear. Guidance is provided in the front, back, and at the sides of two columns that rigidly support the cantilevered load.

25P/E - 250P/E Welding Positioner Features

  • 135º powered forward tilt
  • NEMA 12 Electricals
  • Powered Screw Jack Elevation
  • High capacity mechanical grounding shoes
  • Spur gear final drive on tilt and rotation axis
  • Low voltage hand control pendants
  • 50:1 Variable speed drives
  • AC brake motors


Models: 25 P/E, 40 P/E, 60 P/E, 100 P/E, 200 P/E, 250 P/E


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