Plasma Bevel

3D-LT Plasma Bevel Head compatible with Koike Aronson cutting machines

3D-LT Bevel Head | With Koike HD Sensor-THC Height Control


The 3D-LT Bevel Head offers fully automatic plasma beveling in a simplified design. The "Patent Pending" 3D-LT Bevel Head uses a unique drive system and sensor ring design to provide unlimited head rotation, without electrical slip rings, while providing remote mounting of servo motors and sensor components. This design provides tilt and rotation movements about the plasma focal point, with two axis transformations, to provide more intuitive movements and a theoretical reductions in bevel angle error.

  • They are designed for simplified alignment and lower maintenance costs.
  • Continuous 360° rotation.
  • Bevel Angle Capability:
Positive bevel angle: 50°
Negative bevel angle: 50°




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