3D-X Full Contour Plasma Bevel
A, V, X, Y, & K Type Bevel Head

Koike’s 3D-X full contour bevel head is capable of A,V,X,Y and K type bevels. The plus and minus 50 degree movement allows for most common angle configurations.  The standard cross hair laser pointer makes plate alignment and part positioning a breeze.  The 14 inch/Sensor THC lifer stroke makes the head fit multiple machine configurations and at 600 ipm, the time for torch positioning is very quick.

3D-X Bevel Motion By Axis

Koike also offers Initial height sensing that helps position the torch to the  correct pierce height off the plate; this will allow for maximum performance and help increase consumable life. The real time arc voltage height control keeps the torch in proper position and helps maintain proper angle and part size even while cutting on an angle.  The concealed A/B axis motor and encoder cables helps keep machine operating smoothly by minimizing damage. The high gear ratio helps make quick and precise positioning needed for great bevel cutting. The 3D-X Fully contoured bevel head offers fully automatic beveling in a simplified design.



3D-X Full Contour Plasma Bevel Head
Features and Benefits

  • One touch homing
  • One touch alignment
  • Integrated torch breakaway
  • Concealed A/B axis motor and encoder cables
  • Fast, smooth, and precise motion
  • Helical rack and pinion lifter design
  • Can accomodate small corner loops
  • Better hazard clearance at Y-axis 45 degrees
  • High ratio gearing for fast precise positioning
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