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Part#ZM33388 Includes Machine, Chain, and Torch Holder
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The Auto Picle P- S type is a remote control plasma pipe cutting machine. The portable plasma pipe cutting machine is designed to use plasma for high speed cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals. The machine allows accurate bevel cutting of pipe and straight cut off of pipe in or out the field.

The optional guide rail provides high cutting accuracy and makes the Auto Picle P -S Type plasma pipe cutting machine particularly suitable for large pipes. Countless professionals from fabricators and scrap yards to boiler makers and tank manufactures have used Koike pipe cutting machines products successfully.

Auto-Picle-P Features & Benefits

  • Guide Rail
    Cuts up to 2400 mm (94 inch) diameter of pipe accurately; use for cutting pipe vertically
  • Motorized Plasma Pipe Cutter
    Automatically bevel cuts or straight cuts steel pipe
  • Plasma Cuts Bevels
    Provides a clean cutting surface
  • Remote Control Pendant
    Operate machine away from cutting area to avoid sparks
  • Special Fixed Rail Tip Guide System
    Provides for high cutting accuracy
  • Interlocking Chain Links
    Swiftly adapts to any pipe diameter
  • On/Off Drive Clutch
    Position and align machine quickly
  • Optional Snap Valve
    One-touch on/off gas valve

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