ADA Seminar

Written by: Michelle Fontaine

Today we had an American Diabetes Association seminar for our employees: Kelly Mueller, Director of Programs, Upstate New York for the ADA, and Ashley Terrance, Event Coordinator for Buffalo's Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes educated those who attended about the signs of pre-diabetes, identified those who may be at risk, and gave a brief overview of how a person who has diabetes manages it in order to live a fulfilling and happy life.

Koike Aronson employees attending lunch and learn for American Diabetes education 

Some main points that I was able to takeaway were:

  • An A1C test results that's less than 5.7% is normal. 5.7% to 6.4% is considered having pre-diabetes, and those with a 6.5% or higher A1C has diabetes.
  • You may order a A1C test by checking the box on the form the next time you get blood work done.
  • A plate of food has replaced the food pyramid.  Draw a line down the middle of a 9" dinner plate, on one side cut it again so that you have two sections, add a circle for a serving of fruit or dairy, and add another circle for a glass of water  (see image for illustration).
  • Diet and exercise may help reduce your chances of being diagnosed with diabetes.
  • A great resource for meal planning, recipes, and fitness suggestions can be found at




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