Koike Donates to Enrich the Lives of Teachers and Students

By: Michelle Fontaine

Recently Koike Aronson received several "Thank you" letters from Ag teachers in surrounding school districts because of our recent donations of steel.  Some of the steel was used in a training workshop led by Marty Kruse, a retired Ag Mechanics teacher at Pioneer. He taught a group of teachers how to weld so that they could offer welding in this year's school curriculum. 

On a regular basis, Koike Aronson takes the initiative to set aside excess steel to donate to local schools so they can continue to offer cutting and welding classes. Last year, Koike Aronson donated a KOIKE PNC-10 Elite, a portable CNC (Computer Numerical Control) oxy-fuel cutting machine, to give students a chance to learn the art of cutting steel and then have the opportunity to weld it.

Koike Aronson encourages students who are interested in welding to learn about the basics while taking Ag Mechanics. If a student is still interested after being introduced to welding during Ag Mechanics, then our Director of Manufacturing suggests continuing in a BOCES program, where welding is taught at a deeper level.

After graduating from BOCES, it is then recommended that a student continue with their education by attending Alfred State College's welding program and ultimately become an AWS (American Welding Society) Certified Welder.  At that time, we highly encourage one to apply for a welding position at Koike Aronson. "We are always looking for skilled welders," says Paul King, Director of Manufacturing.  To read some of the letters received, please scroll down.



Letter's Received


Gerald J Leary,

I am writing to thank you for your donation of steel to the welding class I attended this summer.  As a teacher of technology I know how difficult it can be to find someone who is will to give "scrap" to an educational facility when it can be worth a lot of money for your company.

I am a Technology teacher at Letchworth Central School and I am currently trying to build upon the existing welding/metalworking curriculum that is available there.  It is companies like yours that allow schools to teach technical skills that require high material costs.

Thank you for your time and donation.

Adam Giardino


Dear Gerald J. Leary,

The welding class taught by Marty Krause has significantly improved my welding skill and fueled my desire to teach this important career opportunity.  Thank you for your generous donation of material for us to use.  I teach in Allegany County and while right now I only teach animal science I hope to be in a position where I can teach a wider course range including, now, welding.  Thank you again for your support.


Carly Neumann


Dear Mr. Leary,

Thanks so much for your generous donation of steel for our Agriculture teacher's welding workshop! It was a great help in practicing and improving on my welding skills; knowing that if I goofed there was steel available to have a "do-over."

It will be great to go back to my Ag Mechanics class and show them new techniques to improve their skills and maybe help them find their career path in welding!

It is people and companies like yours that make it possible for our Ag programs to prosper.

Thank you again so much!

Pat Walker
Randolph Agriculture Teacher


Dear Gerald,

Thank you for donating metal for our NYAAE welding workshop.  I learned a lot of new skills and how to teach my students how to weld.  I had a great time at the workshop and I can't wait to teach my students welding in my Ag mechanics class this upcoming year.

Thank you again!

Carlie Brown
Marcus Whitman Ag Teacher


Michelle Fontaine is the Marketing Coordinator for Koike Aronson, Inc. She has 6 years of marketing experience. She enjoys being a part of the cutting and welding manufacturing industry as it has given her the opportunity to work for a great company that truly cares about her.  

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