Steaming Towards a cure for diabetes receives an outpouring of support.

Written by: Angela Wiseman

Exciting and overwhelming are just a couple words to describe our 2nd Annual Steaming towards a Cure to Fight Diabetes Event, which was held on Saturday, September 20

Koike Aronson teamed with the Arcade & Attica Railroad to host the event which raises money for Step Out:  Walk to Fight Diabetes. That event will be held on October 11, in Buffalo, NY. 

The train station opened at 10:30 am and Koike volunteers were busy greeting the riders for the day.  The train departed from the station at noon and traveled 45 minutes to Curriers Station.  All Koike volunteers traveled through the cars selling Chinese Auction tickets and 50/50 raffle tickets.  When the train arrived at Curriers Station, the fun really got started! The riders were greeted by a large tent with over 70 items to be raffled, including: a Kindle Fire, themed baskets, and gift cards. The riders were also met with refreshments and live music.  There was even a scarecrow, one very brave Koike employee, who greeted the riders and posed with them for pictures.  He stole the show, especially with the younger crowd! 

The prizes were auctioned off and, before traveling back to Arcade, the crowd was thanked by Brad Williams and Angela Wiseman for their generosity and support for our cause.

The committee released a statement thanking all participants: "We cannot thank the people enough who donated all the prizes, Koike employees, Manufacture Representatives, Vendors and local Arcade businesses.  Their generosity is overwhelming.  We also would like to give a special thank you to our volunteers, George and Trudy Ling, and all the employees at the Arcade and Attica.  Without you, there is no way we could have done this.  Also with the support of Koike Aronson, we are proud to work for a company who has such passionate and caring employees. Thank you for supporting our cause."

We are still tallying the total raised, but so far we know that the Koike walk team has brought in over $4200 for the event, which will be added to our team fundraising goal.  It was very successful and everyone we spoke to enjoyed themselves.  We have secured Saturday September 19 for our 3rd Steaming towards a Cure, and plan to add even more events to make it bigger than past two years!



Angela Wiseman is the Administrative Assistant for Koike Aronson, Inc. where she has worked for 10 years. She enjoys working in the manufacturing industry as her position allows her to work directly with management, sales, and end-users. Her position provides her with the opportunity to play various key roles throughout each year; other roles include event coordinator, media relations, and marketing.



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