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Written by: Angela Wiseman

We are very proud to share some news from Koike Aronson Biondi, located in Jaboticabal, Brazil.  Just recently, two employees, Mr. Fabio Moura and Mr. Joao Scadelai, both machine builders for large equipment, finished training so that they are able to perform maintenance and service to Koike's portable welding machines and other equipment on our portable product line. This will be a great asset for our Brazilian customers. It will save them money and time on their equipment repairs.                

The two gentlemen in this picture are shown working on the Wel-Handy Multi.  The Wel-Handy Multi is a light, compact, all-wheel drive, magnetic force traction with a low center of gravity, which allows it to achieve the highest pulling power and stability in today's marketplace.  The equipment is used for fillet, lap, or butt welding on horizontal or vertical surfaces using a MIG Welding torch. 

International Sales Manager, Ronald Krasnek commends the two employees: "This is part of our commitment to have our people well trained at KAB to provide superior service to all our customers." 

Well done Fabio and Joao!



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