Why a Waterjet Cutting Machine?

Written by: Jeff Gates

Koike Aronson started manufacturing waterjet-cutting machines six years ago. We have waterjet-cutting machines in all types of businesses, including: race shops, stainless steel facilities, foam-cutting facilities, general fab shops, and window manufacturers.

The advantages of waterjet cutting systems are endless. Without any set up time, an operator can cut mild steel, marble, stainless steel, plastics and more. This makes a waterjet an ideal machine for fab shops or maintenance shops that may be cutting different material at any given time. There is very little clean up necessary, which will cut secondary operations dramatically.

Without any heat affected zones, the waterjet is an ideal machine for gauge material. By stacking the thinner gauge material, an operator can cut numerous parts at the same time.

The KoikeJet comes in multiple sizes and styles, including 4x4 cut areas to 10x20 cut areas. Coupled with Hypertherm and Burny controls with the Hypertherm HyPrecision intensifier pumps, these machines are some of the best on the market.

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