A Positioner - from the workbench of Kevin Roblee, Positioner assembly

Written by: Kevin Roblee

Driving by an active construction site or observing a farmer harvesting his crops can sometimes leave us in awe by the complexity and size of the machinery involved.  Someone with a mechanical background might wonder, "How did they assemble something like that?"  Chances are very good that a Koike Aronson Welding positioner was involved in the process.

A positioner is just that, a machine that positions a part, and it can be used for an assembly process or for bringing a weldment into the proper position for optimum weld placement.  Koike Aronson positioners are used in a variety of applications throughout the world.  Applications for these include farm implements, construction equipment, and the space industry.

In the early years of the company, a 4,000 pound capacity universal balance positioner would be sent to welding shows. This demonstration showed a small automobile mounted on a workplate. It was then was spun by hand into all positions and with little resistance.         

In the space industry, welding positioners are used to assemble extremely sensitive satellites.  My favorite example of this was when one of our large positioners held the exhaust cones for the space shuttle. This positioner was used when the robotic welders were overlaying the miles of cooling tubes inside each cone with a protective coating.

Welding positioners can be simple--manipulated by hand with no power needed. Or, they can be complex, with the latest electronics used to repeat accurate positions of the product in an assembly and welding applications.

So the next time you see some heavy equipment on the road or working in the fields, you can bet that Koike Aronson had a part in the manufacturing of that equipment. 

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