Koike Invests in their Employees

Written by: Nicole Schunk

Maybe you have been in the workforce for several years. Maybe you have a family to consider, or maybe you are involved in many activities and organizations outside of work and family. Even greater, maybe you are involved in a combination of some or all of the above.

Because of these obligations, in addition to costs, your college degree may have been pushed to the back burner. Fortunately, Koike Aronson invests in their employees' education with its tuition reimbursement program, turning excuses into opportunities. Koike reimburses for portions of tuition, books, and even mileage to get to and from class. Relieving some of the financial burden of going back to college was just the incentive I needed to figure out how to balance the rest.

A few months after I started at Koike Aronson in 2012, I enrolled in the Business Administration program at E.C.C. I took one or two classes per semester until I received my A.A.S. in Business Administration at the end of 2014. I took all my classes online, which allowed me to balance my work, home, and school life. As I was taking my courses over the last couple years, I planned to stop once I earned my A.A.S degree. Since then, I have decided to continue to earn my Bachelor's Degree. I am "in the zone" and have made going to school a part of my routine. I am now attending Excelsior College and I expect to earn my bachelor's in degree in Business Administration by 2017.

I am thankful that Koike offers an education reimbursement program because it made my education more affordable and obtainable. As I continue to reach my educational goals, I am confident that Koike will see a return on its investment.

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