Koike Aronson and Hypertherm - Waterjet Symposium

 Written by:  Angela Wiseman

Koike Aronson and Hypertherm hosted several companies on Tuesday, June 16 for our very first Waterjet Symposium.

                Participants enjoyed a day at Koike Aronson headquarters that included a factory tour, live demonstrations, a question and answer session, and presidential, sales, and engineering presentations. The main focus of the symposium was to educate customers on waterjet cutting and how it can work at their companies. The provided information was well-received by potential customers.  Additionally, they learned that we are a manufacturer and supplier of waterjet, plasma, laser, and oxy-fuel cutting  machines, with almost 100 years of experience in cutting  and one of the largest installed base of cutting machines in the world.

                If interested in more information on the Koikejet waterjet cutting machine, please contact Jeffrey Gates, Waterjet Specialist, 1-800-252-5232, x303 or [email protected]

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