Aronson's Visit KAR

 September 9, 2015

Written by:  Angela Wiseman

This is where it all started for this week's special visitors: Mr. Barney Aronson Sr., pictured center, was once the Vice President and General Manager of Aronson Machine Company.  Barney visited the plant with his 2 sons, Lars Aronson, pictured to the left, who worked for Aronson's from 1975- 1981, and Barney Aronson Jr. at the right.  Lars' son, Jeff Aronson, shown on the far left, currently works as Koike Aronson's Service Manager. 

                President Jerry Leary was also available to speak to Aronson and his sons when they were here for the tour of the facility.

                After Aronson Machine Company was bought, the Aronson's opened their own business in Orchard Park. They sold positioners, and they bought used Aronson Positioners which they refurbished. The 4 Aronson gentlemen have over 139 combined years working with Positioners! 

                We were all very happy to meet them, and we really hope they enjoyed visiting and seeing all the great changes.  

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