Koike Aronson, manufacturer of cutting and positioning systems introduces the ShopPro, the company's newest valuepriced, made in America high performance cutting system, offering fabricators premium features in a package compact enough to fit in small shops. Ruggedly built, the ShopPro has the same reliability and accuracy found with all Koike Aronson cutting systems. The ShopPro was developed with the help of feedback of fabricators and metal workers, who demanded a robust feature set at a reasonable price.

STEM Fairs are Re-engaging Young People in Skilled Labor

If you asked me what I like best about my job, my usual answer is that I really enjoy helping fabricators select equipment that help them do their job more effectively. But another aspect that I’ve really grown to love is talking to young people about working in skilled trades.

Twenty years ago or so, a lot of economists and pundits were saying that manufacturing in the US was eventually going to be a thing of the past and we’d better get used to it. The thinking was that eventually we’d all become accountants and lawyers, and the whole economy would transition to service oriented jobs, rather than manufacturing. All the skilled labor, they said, would transition to countries that could do it much cheaper.

Well they were wrong.

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