Why a Koike Blog?

Why a Koike blog?

People work best in an environment that allows them to nurture their creativity and contribute ideas. That’s the management principle that I’ve employed in leading our team here at Koike Aronson since becoming president in 2016.

As part of that effort, I regularly meet with our managers and ask them for their best ideas: How do we server our customers better? What kind of feedback are we getting from our users? What can we provide that will help them do their jobs better?

(It was out of these meetings, incidentally, that we came up with the wish list for our ShopPro compact cutting system. Tim Joslin wants to talk about that process in his blog, so I won’t steal his thunder.)

At one of our most recent meetings, one of the team brought up the idea of sharing fabrication tips in a regular blog. Everybody agreed that this would be a great way to interact with our user community…

…then they volunteered me to do the inaugural blog.

So here’s what you can expect from this blog during Koike’s 100th anniversary year:

  • Information on fabrication best practices
  • Tips on maintaining your cutting machine, welder or positioner for improved longevity
  • How to choose right equipment for your welding project

These are just some of the subjects we’ll be tackling, though as the 2018 gets underway, I’m sure everyone will think of additional topics of interest. And that brings me to my final point:

We want to hear from you.

If there’s a subject you’d like covered, click here to let us know. Additionally, every blog will contain the contact information of the writer, so that you can reach out with questions and feedback.

We look forward to serving you and having a great exchange of ideas.




Jim McAuliffe


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