CAD/CAM/CNC Controller with touch scree

CAD/CAM/CNC Controller with 21" Monitor

▪ PRO Version Software package
▪ On-board completely integrated FlashCut 2D CAM/CAD package
▪ True shape nesting
▪ Customizable cut charts
▪ Customizable default lead-in, lead-out strategies
▪ Silhouette image import
▪ DXF/DWG import
▪ Tabbing of part
▪ Overburn support
▪ Marker and Plasma Marking
▪ DXF Export
▪ Advanced text including true type font support without exploding and curved text around any shape
▪ Part shading
▪ 3D cutting simulation
▪ Automatic Lead-in on Restart
▪ Dynamic THC On/Off
▪ Progress meter
▪ Move to point in viewport
▪ Rip cutting
▪ Smart Touch Off
▪ Shape library
▪ Bridge entities tool
▪ Shape welding tool
▪ Multi layer color image import
▪ Import of parts from external files
▪ Multi-sheet and fill sheet trueshape nesting
▪ Corner looping
▪ Advanced lead-in, lead-out editing
▪ Animated 3D Cutting Simulation
▪ Advanced small hole processing

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