Waterjet Cutting System

The K-Jet delivers cut speeds up to 500 ipm with standard cutting areas up to 72" x 144", and a table capacity up to 250 lbs. per sq. ft. (6" mild steel). Performance features include KMT 55,000 psi to 90,000 psi intensifier pumps, Flash-Cut CNC with built-in CAD/CAM, and Ebbco filtration systems.

The K-Jet is designed for reliable, precise cutting with fully enclosed, air pressurized bellows; hidden linear ways; and conveniently located grease fittings. The slats and slat supports are easily removed, and the heavy-duty cutting table is mounted separately to the floor rather than to rails, which reduces deflection caused by heat build-up and vibration. The heavy duty, precision-machined main beam and saddles help with smooth and accurate motion throughout the table.
Options for the K-Jet include adjustable water height, clamping, air-over-oil hydraulic pump cooling, laser pointer alignment, and laser height control.


Machine Components

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