Welding Manipulator

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» 500 pound load capacity

» NEMA 12 electricals

» Optional mast rotation

» Manual rack & pinion reach with optional powered reach

» Cam roller guidance on lift and reach axis

» Ball screw with integrated anti-fall mechanism

» Cable management either through or over top of boom


SteadyMax™ for consistent arc stability

The Koike Aronson medium-duty ball screw manipulators can be utilized for
specific applications, such as simple straight-line or circumferential welding.
The Boom or Ram end is preconfigured to accept cross slides and standard
wire feeders.
All manipulators come standard as floor mount, with self standing bases,
manual mast rotation, and manual or powered travel cars. Complete welding
packages can be Koike supplied and Koike mounted, customer supplied and
Koike mounted, or customer supplied and mounted.
Cross slides and welding equipment packages are just some of the options


Lift and reach ranging from 6 feet to 10 feet


Cricket-II welding manipulator standard pendantStandard hand pendant provided with all models



Digital speed control for welding manipulators manufactured by Koike Aronson


Digital Speed Control

The independent hand held touch screen Human Machine Interface (HMI) communicates with VFD drive on the positioner, and provides
real-time display of linear speed for the reach axis. 
Additionally, the HMI can command the linear speed target, either user set or on the fly adjustment.




Cross Slide Plus cross slide and oscillator built in one


Cross Slides

Cross Slide (standard)
Manual and powered cross slides available. Allows the operator to drive weld head up/down or left/right with hand wheels or powered
joystick control. Standard 6 in x 6 in and 10 in x 10 in versions available. Provides mast rotation allowing the operator to swing the Boom out of
the work area or work between two stations with one manipulator. Powered and manual travel cars can be used for long seam welding or
moving a manipulator from seam to seam.

Cross Slide Plus™
A multi-purpose mechanized cross slide with oscillator integration in one. It eliminates the need to purchase the cross slide and oscillator separately.




Mast Rotation | An option for Koike Aronson welding manipulator called the Cricket-II



Mast Rotation

Provides mast rotation allowing the operator to swing the Boom out of the work area or work between two stations with one manipulator.





Travel Cars | Option for Welding Manipulator manufactured by Koike Aronson, Inc.

Travel Cars

Powered and manual travel cars can be used for long seam welding or moving a manipulator from seam to




Bases for welding manipulator | Cricket-II


Free standing x-frame base available for easily moving and repositioning manipulator location.



Cricket-II specifications | Specs are subject to change without notice. Models Cricket-II 66, Cricket-II 88, Cricket-II 1010

Maximum load in pounds on either or split between both ends of boom

Cricket-II Welding Manipulator system paired with MD30 Tilt/Turn welding positioner with a Cross Slide Plus mounted on its' Boom all manufactured by Koike Aronson.






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