Cross Slide Plus built-in oscillation functionCross Slide Plus™
Built-in oscillator function

» Vertical and Horizontal Oscillation function

» 6 or 10 inch mechanical stroke

» Compatibility with most welding process

» Manufactured by industry experts

» Made in the USA



The Cross Slide Plus™ is a multi-purpose mechanized
cross slide with oscillator integration in one. It eliminates the need
to purchase the cross slide and oscillator separately. An option
that can be added to new or existing manipulator booms.
The Cross Slide Plus™ provides final adjustment of welding torches or tools to keep the torch on track with the seam. It also has the unique ability to actively move the
torch in a weave or oscillation pattern while achieving broader
weld bead coverage.


Cross Slide Plus™ Features

• All-in-one cross slide and oscillator
• Cross slide position mode
• Precision arc oscillation
• Independent parameter settings
• Mitsubishi handheld HMI control
• Left speed control adjustment
• Right speed control adjustment
• Left dwell adjustment
• Right dwell adjustment
• Oscillation width adjustment
• Center adjustment “on-the-fly”
• Servo drives


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