It pays to use the Next series portable cutting and welding machines. 

Users report the machines can pay for themselves in less than 30 days.


20% off your purchase of the Next series cutting and welding portable machines; with no limit to your saving when you purchase a CNC cutting machine or welding positioner.

Take advantage of this limited time offer to upgrade your shop with the latest portable equipment from Koike (offer ends June 30,2020).
It’s simple, buy a CNC cutting machine or welding positioner and you automatically qualify for 20% off the IK-12 Max Next and the Wel-Handy Multi Next.
Benefits of Portable Cutting and Welding Automation
Safety for the welder is increased
Operator efficiency and productivity improves
Reduce Arc Time up to 250%
Reduce overwelding up to 60%
Reduces distortion
Improves fit up
Reduces clean up
Increases filler metal deposition at the highest rate possible
Fumes are reduced by up to 60%
Shielding gases are reduced by up to 60%
Rework and scrap are reduced






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