Drop Center GravityDrop-Center Gravity (DCG) Positioners

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The DCG series Positioner provides 2-axis motion, continuous rotation and, ± 180° tilt from the horizontal table position. This configuration of positioner can also be made in a geared elevation version with a third powered axis for elevation. The worktable's surface can be specified at varying distances below the tilt axis, as well as specifying swing radius clearances from the table's rotation axis to the nearest obstruction.

Due to the configuration of these models, it is necessary to consult the factory for sizing and capacity requirements. The counter balancing effect of the cantilevered hanger precludes pre-calculated load capacity charts.

Since applications require differing hanger lengths and the tables "dropped" distance below the tilt axis, the counterbalancing effect will vary greatly.

The load, center of gravity location, and swing clearance will be required to assist the factory in the selection of the correct model.

Drop-Center Gravity Features

  • AC Variable speed drives and motors
  • Optional Servo Drives
  • Powered ± 180° tilt
  • Optional geared elevation models available
  • Robotic versions
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