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Lightweight, Compact, Trackless Oxy-Fuel Beveling

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The Edge-Cut™ performs single or double V-Groove beveling on a plate edge without the need for track or rails.
The Edge-Cut performs the V-Grooves essential to full penetration welds with just one pass. This exclusive technology was developed in cooperation with the ship building industry to meet the need for simple yet effective plate edge preparation. Edge-Cut bevels the plate edge top and bottom up to 45 degrees without the need for a track. Ease of setup and constant speed ensure high quality cutting, even during long distance cuts. The KOIKE Snap Valve allows pre-setting of flames to reduce setup time while reducing gas waste.
The highly portable Edge-Cut weighs only 26 lbs. and can be used with a 6 ft. extendable track for more conventional cutting. The machine can also be adapted to cut circles while beveling. KOIKE warranties the torches for life against a damaging sustained flashback while using genuine KOIKE cutting tips.

Edge Cut Features & Benefits

  • Trackless Beveling
    Bevels plate edge top and bottom, up to 45° without the need for track
  • Preset Flame
    Unique KOIKE Snap Valve allows saving flame settings and quickly turns gases on and off
  • Specialized Torch Set
    Designed to allow accurate bevels and quick set up of torches
  • Pistol Shape Grip
    Operator can control forward/reverse, clutch, and speed adjustment with just one hand
  • Multi-purpose Cutting
    Performs straight line, hand guided and circle cutting
  • High Quality Oxy-Fuel Cutting Tips
    Koike's superior design Series 100 torch tips are included to ensure fast, smooth cuts.




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