The education industry consists of high schools, vocational schools, technical institutions, universities and company on-the-job training. KOIKE values these institutions and companies that provide education and training to students within the cutting and welding industry. KOIKE participates with educational institutions to provide seminars, tours of our factory, live demonstrations, and our experts to visit classrooms and work with students who have interests in manufacturing. In addition, KOIKE is a long-time member of the American Welding Society and supports their efforts in training our workforce in using the latest technology.

The experts at KOIKE have worked hard to provide these institutions with equipment and know-how to benefit students in the trades. Our combination of products and know-how allow instructors to teach students the art of cutting and welding, while introducing them to more advanced techniques and equipment. Our portable cutting machine, such as the IK-12 Max3, is used around the world to teach oxy-fuel and plasma cutting to students. These machines are built to withstand heavy use, but they provide easy controls and operation. Our lifetime oxy-fuel torch guarantee uses an "in-tip mixing" design, providing added safety against potential flashbacks.

Smaller CNC cutting machines are designed to have a minimal footprint to save space, and they provide many of the same advantages as our larger cutting machines.  Our products range from small, one torch cutting machines, to large CNC gantry cutting machines with multiple torches. 

Portable semi-automated cutting and welding equipment is used to teach skills such as pipe cutting and welding. By employing these types of tools in the classroom and lab, students get firsthand experience working with the same tools that are used by both small and large companies worldwide.

The handling of large weldments and parts can be done safely by using positioning equipment such as gear driven positioners, headstock and tailstock sets, and turning rolls. Positioners are used not only for welding, but for assembly of truck bodies, rail cars, engines, and trailers. KOIKE offers smaller versions of these positioners for use in schools.

Positioners reduce workload on overhead cranes and other handling equipment. Welds are done more efficiently and defects are reduced. Savings can also be seen in the reduction of wire and gas usage.

"We have had some great results with this equipment. Koike Aronson makes my job a pleasure."

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