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The FIBERGRAPH is a gantry-style cutting machine that uses advanced fiber laser technology. FIBERGRAPH machines deliver excellent cut quality on mild steel while using just a third of the electricity of a CO2 laser at the same cutting speeds. Two sizes of FIBERGRAPH are available: the 2kw model cuts mild steel in thicknesses of 1/8" (3.2mm) to 3/4" (19mm); the 5kw model cuts
thicknesses up to 1" (25mm). Standard safety features include a torch cover and machine enclosure. The shielding wall around the machine can be customized to the user's requirements.
FIBERGRAPH machines have been in use in Japan since 2013, and they have proven themselves to be dependable and less costly to operate than CO2 lasers. More than 20 metal cutting operations are currently using FIBERGRAPH systems worldwide. Koike Aronson now brings the advantages of FIBERGRAPH to North America.


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