Cutting Thickness
  Mild Steel : 2kW 3.2(1/8) - 19mm 5kW 3.2 - 36mm
  Stainless Steel : 2kW 3.0 - 8mm 5kW 3.0 - 30mm

Reduced Piercing Time
  By 1/2 less than our 6kW CO2 laser.

Power Consumption
  Good efficiency of oscillator and chiller unit reduces to 1/3 of power consumption compared with our CO2 laser.

Total Operating Cost
  Since it does not use any laser gas, there is not necessary overhaul of turbo blower, which is high-cost. In additional, since it does not use any mirror for beam transmission, the periodical cleaning and alignment are unnecessary, the running cost is 1/2 less than our 6kW CO2 laser.

Free Setting of Cutting Width and Cutting Length
  It supports effective cutting width of 2,500 - 5,500mm, and rail length up to 30,000mm.  


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