Fit-up Turning Rolls
Capacities of 60,000 to 400,000-pounds
(27,216 to 181,437-kilograms)

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These are used to Fit-up and tack shell courses to one another to provide a uniform diameter vessel. They are available with different length roll sections that couple and uncouple which allow  for full or partial drive down the line. With proper Fit-up of the sections to one another, mechanized welding is easily applied for maximum speed and profit.

Powered Fit Up RollsPowered Fit-up Turning Rolls
Capacities of 30 to 1,200-ton

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The Powered Fit-up station provides an easy, economical way to fit up long vessels with multiple sections. With individual powered adjustment for each wheel, under the load, the sections can be moved left, right, up, or down to be aligned to the next section. The addition of a manual or powered car allows the section to then be butted to the next for tacking. Once tacked, a powered drive roll, sized to rotate the entire vessel, is used for final weld-out.

Fit-up Welding Rotator Turning Roll Features

  • Machined steel rollers
  • Expandable in 10-foot increments
  • Wide diameter range capability
  • Low voltage hand control pendants
  • 50:1 AC variable speed drives
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