FlashCut CNC All-in-One Motion Controller and 21" Panel PC

▪Adjustable PC mount with access to all connections reducing exposed cabling on machine.
▪Integrated plasma torch height control follows the sheet surface at the precise height
▪ Real time visualization of toolpath and torch voltage settings.
▪ Completely integrated FlashCut CAD/CAM/CNC enables you to easily draw a 2D part, create the toolpath with lead-ins and outs, nest and cut.
▪ DXF import, image import and shape library with a multitude of menu driven shapes.
▪ Integrated cut charts for plasma
▪ Automatic kerf crossing detection in THC algorithm prevents unwanted diving.
▪ Made in the USA.
▪ On-board Completely integrated Flash Cut 2D
▪ CAD/CAM package
▪ Plasma Support Interface
▪ Oxy-Fuel Support Interface
▪ DXF/DWG import/Silhouette import
▪ Standard Grid Nesting
▪ On-board automatic true shape nesting software
▪ Enhanced production nesting features - fill sheet, multi sheet, partial sheet On-board Lead in and lead out type, positioning and length adjustment.
▪ Customizable plasma cut charts for Hypertherm
▪ Smart feedrate and THC handling of small holes
▪ Overburn Support
▪ Automatic cut settings based on material
▪ Automatic Kerf Compensation
▪ Easy CNC program flow control including Jump to Line
▪ Forward and reverse processing
▪ Fix Tool finds and corrects CAD mistakes instantly
▪ Commonly Used Pate List
▪ Tabbing Support
▪ Assign different operations to each part
▪ Cut Sequencing
▪ Operation Sequencing
▪ Drag, Delete, Rotate, Copy parts on nest
▪ Cutout or Part Mode
▪ Custom views of kerf width, cut direction, toolpath, rapids and part geometry
▪ Customizable poet processor
▪ Kerf Crossing Detection
▪ Dry and Momentary Run
▪ Remote diagnostics


FlashCut Pro Version Software Package Upgrade includes:

▪ Marker and Plasma Marking
▪ Center Mark Dimpling
▪ Advanced Small Hole Processing
▪ DXF Export
▪ True Type Font Support Without Exploding
▪ Curved Text Around Any Shape
▪ 3D Cutting Simulation
▪ Automatic Lead-in on Re-Start
▪ Smart Touch Off
▪ Import of Parts From External Files
▪ Multi-Sheet and Fill Sheet Trueshape Nesting
▪ Corner Looping
▪ Advanced Lead-in and Lead-out Editing
▪ Nesting of Multiple External CAD Files


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