Flashcut Titanium

Flashcut Titanium CNC Controller for Koike Aronson metal cutting machines

Flashcut Titanium Features

  • All-in-one ergonomic industrial CNC control console with sealed steel construction.
  • 12.5-25 AMP state of the art digital servo technology for up to 5 axes of motion control.
  • Pedestal mounting with bottom access to all connections reducing exposed cabling on machine.
  • Hinged top access for easy maintenance.
  • Integrated E-Stop and Reset buttons and optional external control switches for over 10 functions including Cycle Start, Feed Hold, Jogging Joy Stick, File Load, Output Line Control.
  • Integrated Stingray┬« plasma torch height control follows the sheet surface at the precise height
  • Real time visualization of toolpath and torch voltage settings.
  • Completely integrated FlashCut CAD/CAM/CNC enables you to easily draw a
  • 2D part, create the toolpath with lead-ins and outs, nest and cut.
  • DXF import, image import and shape library with a multitude of menu driven shapes.
  • Integrated cut charts for plasma
  • Automatic kerf crossing detection in THC algorithm prevents unwanted diving.
  • Made in the USA.



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