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Koike Aronson, Inc. is driven by recommendations from our external customers to bring you the most efficient state-of-the-art equipment. These customers include end users, Manufacturer's Sales Representatives and Distributors.

Our Manufacturer's Representatives are a dependable, well-trained, trusted group of professional sales personnel who are successful assisting our Distributors with information allowing, them to be more productive and profitable.

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What a Manufacturer Representative is:

  • Professional salesman  
  • Factory trained  
  • Dependable  
  • Successful business person  
  • Problem solver  
  • Trusted

What a Manufacturer Representative brings to the Distributor:

  • Continuous support  
  • Availability to respond quickly  
  • Local manufacturing knowledge  
  • Leads from end users  
  • Pricing and discounts  
  • Quotation generation  
  • Hands-on demonstrations  
  • Joint sales calls  
  • Technical information

Contact your local Koike Representative to find how they can help increase your profits by bringing you revealing information on the latest high-quality, most recent Koike Aronson products.

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