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2.5 ton through 120 ton capacity

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Koike Aronson / Ransome geared elevation head and tailstock positioners provide all the advantages of standard fixed height models, and they also include adjustable elevation to provide ergonomic working heights and improve safety.

Gear rack cut into vertical posts and multiple interlocked drive pinions provide the highest degree of safety in the industry. NEMA 12 electricals, ground blocks, and tapered roller bearings are provided on every unit. Life-time lubrication and sealed drive units ensure many years of trouble-free service. Special engineered elevation heights and options are also available.
Headstock and tailstock axes on Koike Aronson Ransome systems are electronically synchronized to prevent workpiece / fixture skewing. Both axes are driven by an encoded motor which is controlled by a drive with internal PLC capabilities. Encoder information from both axes is fed to the tailstock drive. The tailstock encoder provides closed-loop position information to the tailstock drive, which, in turn, follows the reference signal from the headstock encoder. The headstock drive and motor respond to commands from the operator control pendant (or optionally a supervisory programmable control system). When the Headstock moves, the tailstock automatically follows, step-for-step, based upon encoder feedback. If any errors are detected internally or from external devices by either drive, the system will immediately halt to prevent workpiece/fixture skewing.

Gear Elevating Headstock and Tailstock Features

  • Multiple lift drive pinions
  • 50:1 AC Variable speed rotation
  • Low efficiency gear-boxes for safety
  • 360° continuous rotation
  • Low voltage hand control pendants
  • Travel cars for multiple lengths available
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