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Federal CAGE Code: 95226
DUNS No: 118791714

We provide solutions, not answers.

Koike Aronson Ransome is a manufacturer of cutting, welding and positioning equipment such as:

  • plasma cutting machines
  • waterjet cutting machines
  • oxy-fuel cutting machines
  • laser cutting machines
  • geared elevated positioners
  • gear driven positioners
  • manipulators
  • 3 o'clock welders
  • semi-automated welding machinery
  • semi-automated and manual hand-held cutting machines and more.

We provide cutting, welding and positioning solutions in industries such as:

  • Steel service centers
  • Heavy equipment
  • General fabrication
  • Energy
  • Shipbuilding
  • Pipe and vessel
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Construction
  • Tank fabrication
  • Repair and maintenance

Service & Installation

We offer installation, training, and after purchase service with every product we manufacture.  All technicians must be "KOIKE Certified" to perform any type of service on our equipment.

SIC Code Definitions

3541- Machine Tools, Metal Cutting Types
3542- Machine Tools, Metal Forming Type
3545- Machine Tool Accessories
3549- Metalworking Machinery, NEC
3554- Paper Industries Machinery
3559- Special Industry Machinery, NEC
3699- Electrical Machinery, Equipment and Supplies, NEC
5084- Industrial Machinery and Equipment

NAICS Code Definitions

332212- Hand and Edge Tool Manufacturing
333210- Sawmill and Woodworking Machinery Manufacturing
333293- Printing Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
333319- Other Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing
333512- Machine Tool (Metal Cutting Types) Manufacturing
333515- Cutting Tool and Machine Tool Accessory Manufacturing
333518- Other Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing
333911- Pump and Pumping Equipment Manufacturing
333999- All Other Miscellaneous General Purpose Machinery Manufacturing
333514- Welding Positioners (i.e. jigs) manufacturing

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Cutting Machine Sales
Phone: 585-492-2400, ext. 430
Toll-free: 800-252-5232, ext. 430
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Welding Positioner Machine Sales
Phone: 585-492-2400, ext. 480
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Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST

"Happy with the machine...this has been an A1 experience."
Tim Burkett

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