HD20 Gear Driven PositionerHD20 | Gear Driven Positioner
115/1/60 2,000-pound machine

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Cost-effective solution for precision positioning

The HD20 gear driven positioner is designed to be a cost effective solution for positioning 2,000lbs or less. 12,000 in. • lbs rotation gearing provides safety and stability. Variable speed and a standard 115V wall voltage make this a very versatile machine. A standard T-slot table design allows almost any fixture or part to be easily adapted to the Positioner. A 20-foot power cord included with machine.

HD20 Gear Driven Positioner Features

  • Boxed section design that is stronger and will not distort support gearing when loaded
  • Motors are mounted for easy access and sealed from dust contamination
  • Limit switches and precision adjustable tilt-stop triggers for accurate tilt setup and over-travel prevention
  • Ground blocks for positive clamping of cable terminals to assure continuous, non-varying weld current
  • Heavy duty precision final drive gearing for smooth table rotation with a minimum of lost motion
  • High load capacity tapered roller bearings are preloaded on spindles for guaranteed weld ground conduction
  • Tables have full length slots with nut access in bottom side or edge
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