HD25-HD100 Welding PositionerHD25 to HD100 | Welding Positioner
Capacities from 2,500-pounds to 10,000-pounds

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The HD25 - HD100 series Positioners provide a mid-range lineup that can run around the clock. These machines are engineered to provide rugged performance, yet they can easily be transported through your facility.
Models larger than the HD25 utilize double tilt gears, which stabilize loads and prevent chassis war page. The entire series features up-right motors safely mounted within the chassis and straddle supported tilt pinions to prevent misalignment of the rotational drive gearing. This group of gear driven Positioners are designed by Koike Aronson Inc. Ransome to offer the most in both performance and safety.

HD25-HD100 Welding Positioner Features

  • 135º powered forward tilt
  • NEMA 12 Electricals
  • Pin-through post manual height adjustment
  • 90,000 psi aluminum-bronze low efficiency wormgear drive reduces back driving
  • All steel welded gearboxes
  • Low voltage hand control pendants
  • 50:1 Variable speed drives
  • AC brake motors


Models: HD25,HD30, HD45, HD60, HD100, HD25VF, HD30VF, HD45VF, HD60VF, HD100VF

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