K-JET Waterjet Cutting System
Precise cutting means better aircraft parts

Precise cutting means better aircraft parts

Fabricating aircraft parts requires absolute precision and accuracy, so when your work requires waterjet cutting, look no further than the K-Jet waterjet cutting system by Koike Aronson.

K-Jet waterjet cutting system

  • Cutting areas up to 72" X 144" provides versatile work surface for large parts
  • Cut speeds up to 500 inches per minute rapid traverse speed
  • Table capacity up to 125 lbs. per square foot (3" mild steel)
  • Cuts fiberglass, carbon steel, steel alloys, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, nickel, iron and more
  • Fully enclosed air pressurized bellows and hidden linear ways to keep out dirt and contaminants, ensuring long-lasting reliability
  • Convenient grease fittings to make maintenance simple

Options to fit your needs

  • Five table sizes to fit your shop size and parts needs
  • Pumps from 30-150 horsepower, with capacity up to 90,000 PSI.
  • Abrasive hopper size from 100 to 2,000 pounds
  • Multiple options for software and control

Software selection

Our product specialists will help you choose the software to match the application.

  • Flash-Cut - Features full CAD/CAM drawing software package, sign making package and numerous other features, including full nesting capabilities for less material waste.
  • Hypertherm - Can be used with Hypertherm plasma software. This is a great option for customer using Hypertherm Pro-Nest software.
  • IGEMS: Easy to use with a full CAD/CAM system and numerous features including nesting, sign maker package, beveling capabilities and more.

Cooling options

  • Water in water out: Brings water into the pump, then discharges through the building drain. Cutting water in the table is also discharged this way.
  • Air over oil cooler: Works similar to an automotive radiator, where hydraulic oil circulates from the pump through the chiller and back into pump. In very warm climates, we suggest a large unit. Cutting water from the table is discharged into the regular drainage system.
  • Close loop water filtration system: Recycles the water used for cutting and also the cooling of hydraulics. Comes with a chiller, filtration system and a settling tank (weir tank). The system can use upwards to 50 gallons of water a day depending on splashing and evaporation. No water will be discharged into the building drain.

Abrasive removal system: This system will circulate the water in the cutting table by drawing in the water into a strainer basket to catch larger pieces of material. Then the water will be drawn up into a hurricane filter where the abrasive will be dumped into a hopper with removable bag. This bag can be removed while you are still cutting on table. The excess water will then be pushed back into the table by a series of "jets" that will agitate the water keeping the abrasive suspended for removal.

Abrasive hopper size will all depend on the customer's needs. A 60,000 psi pump with a 14/40 nozzle/orifice combination will use approx. 1.25 lbs. per minute.  Or approx. 75 lbs. per hour or 600 lbs. per 8 hour shift. A 10/30 or 11/30 combination will use approx. 45 lbs. per hours of cutting. So it is very important to know what customer is expecting.

A century of creating advanced cutting machines, welders and positioning equipment, Koike Aronson is ready to meet the needs of your aircraft industry. Find out why the K-Jet waterjet cutting system a must for any shop involved in fabrication and repair. Click below to request a quote or call 1.800.252.5232 to speak to a product specialist about your project requirements.

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