Klean Sweep Slag Removal System

Klean Sweep
Automatic Slag Removal System

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The Klean Sweep self-cleaning cutting table is another component in Koike Aronson's engineered solutions for improving productivity in manufacturing.  With systems still running from 1996, Klean Sweep self-cleaning tables matched with high-performance dust collectors are the operation improvements you expect.

There is no need to stop production to remove your slag.  Klean Sweep operates and removes slag and scrap while you cut on demand or on programmed intervals.  Simplicity in design and operation ensures reliability with minimum maintenance costs over other designs.  

The investment in an automatic slag removal table is easily justified because it increases production time and reduces labor costs.  Extended downtime for manual table cleaning is eliminated since Klean Sweep operates while you are cutting.   


Klean Sweep tables are engineered for optimal fume extraction based on your cutting processes.  Exhaust channel ducts can be internal or external based on the application. Wide tables provide continuous cuts across the entire width of the table without gaps.  Standard table design allows up to 6" thickness material.

The sweeper assembly consists of multiple steel blades attached to a motor drive chain. The continuous chain moves material along a base plate, eliminating build up and potential jams.  Cutting waste is moved from the table into a slag container, which is embedded into the floor or conveyed into a portable container. Find out more about the Klean Sweep automatic slag removal table.

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