LDR portable table-top bench positioner

LD-R | Portable Table-Top Bench Positioner

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The LD-R model positioners are designed and manufactured to provide stable positioning control on a wide range of rotation speeds. From slow to high speed only the load weight needs to be taken into consideration when selecting a model. A precision drive system quickly responds to changes needed in work piece or changes in circumferential welding speed. 



LD-R Features

  • Three Models Available
    LD-60R, LD-150R, LD-300R
  • Three Load Capacities
    132lbs (60kg), 330lbs (150kg), 660lbs (300kg)
  • Ergonomic Operator Controls
    Remote operation box and foot control allow the welder to create a more ergonomic work station.
  • Reliable Drive System
    DC drive system is built to provide a long service life and protect against high frequency noise.
  • 0 ~ ±135 Degree Tilt Angle
    Wide range allows welder to position difficult to weld parts.
  • Precision Machined Table
    Full length clamping slots, pilot hole and concentric centering groves provide for quick and easy mounting of parts
  • Self Locking Worm Gear
    Table tilt is adjusted by effortless one-hand operation and automatically held in place (LD-60R uses tilt lever and friction brake).
  • Precision Welded Trunnions
    Eliminate inherent looseness experienced in other lower cost competitive designs that use bolted or pinned construction.
  • Preloaded Taper Roller Bearings
    Assures a maintenance-free steady welding ground for high quality welds.


L - Torch Stand Option shown below with LD-R 150




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