locust-welding-manipulatorLocust I & II | Welding Manipulator
Lift and reach ranging from 6 to 12-feet

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Gear-elevated Locust Manipulator Series is designed for safety and a trouble-free long life.  All critical mechanisms are enclosed, load carrying gear cases are welded in place, and they are lubricated for life.  Both lift and reach axes are guided with concave wheels and roundways for precise movement.

For small to medium industrial applications, which require a small to medium arc travel and load capacity without the location of the operator on the boom, the Locust manipulator series is the solution.

Self-standing bases, travel cars, and welding equipment packages are just some of the options available.

Locust I & II Welding Manipulator Features

  • Load capacities up to 600 pounds
  • NEMA 12 Electricals
  • Floor-base or car-track options available
  • Large variety of accessories and options for versatility
  • Low voltage hand control pendants
  • Variable speed drives
  • Round rail guidance on lift and reach axis
  • Rack and pinion lift
  • Optional mast rotation
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