Power Elevating Head and Tailstock


 Koike’s MD series Power Elevating Head and Tailstock delivers the premium features and long-lasting performance you expect in a compact design. High-capacity, precision guidance is offered through the entire elevation range, guaranteeing reliable results for any-sized shop. Each and every component is designed to meet Koike’s exacting standards for leading performance that customers can trust.

Both Axis electrically driven                 
Variable speed rotation and constant speed elevation standard, controlled with AC Variable frequency drives. Elevation axis on the base model utilizes an open loop VFD drive system with internal PLC monitoring faults and over-travel limits. System maintains alignment with even loading within +/- 0.580” per 1,000 inches of travel or 700 start/stop cycles. Optional closed loop system is available for tighter control.

Compact Design       
Single post design allows for better shop floor utilization.

Linear way Guidance     
High capacity precision guidance throughout the entire elevation range.

Table Included
Fabricated table with mounting slots and 500 Amp sliding weld ground shoe included as a standard.

Head and Tailstock Positioners can be used like a lathe to maintain rotation around the horizontal axis. High quality positioned welds can be performed while saving production and handling costs. Depending on the industrial application these Positioners may be mounted on fixed bases, manual mobile bases or powered bases. A wide range of options are available to fit your needs and budget.

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"Koike service and support was excellent. Great machine."
Doug French

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Tailstock Mobile Sub-base

Provides easy table to table adjustment for varying length parts.

Flex Plate Fixturing Table

Offers flexible machine connection to protect against misalignment and thermal expansion alignment issues.

Synchronized Elevation Axis

Closed loop encoded lift axis provides synchronization of +/- 0.05” per 1,000 inches of travel.


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