Mini-Mantis II Portable Beam Cutting MachineMini-Mantis II
Portable Beam Cutting Machine

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Part#MANTIS102 includes Machines, ST Short torch, and (3) Acetylene Cutting Tips ( Sizes 0,1,2 )
Part#MANTIS106 includes Machines, ST Short torch, and (3) LPG Cutting Tips ( Sizes 0,1,2 )
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The Mini Mantis II is a portable H-beam , I-Beam cutting machine.

Typical users of this equipment include: Bridge Builders and Bridge Repair, Iron Workers, Trailer Builders and other General Fabricators.

Available In Two Models:

LT-Model - simplifies web-cutting as the web-to-tip distance can be set with the torch adjustment. Also no angle adjustment of the torch is necessary when making diagonal cuts.

ST Model - The short torch means that when cutting several H-shapes together, little spacing is required.

Mini-Mantis II Features & Benefits

  • Rapid Gas Adjustment
  • Koike's unique "One touch flame adjuster is used in the gas distribution system
  • More Highly Automated
  • Using a 4-way switch lets the cutting oxygen out for smooth cutting
  • Functional and Simple Controls
    Power switch, speed control, 4 way torch direction switch, rapid traverse, and indicator lamp are all grouped for ease of use
  • Easy to Use
    Two motors, one for web cutting and one for flange work
  • Diagonal Cuts of Flange, Web and Bevel Cutting
  • Can cut Webs up to 60" and Flange up to 31"
  • Quality cut surface finish
  • Light and Portable
  • High Quality Oxy-Fuel Cutting Tips
    Koike's superior design Series 100 torch tips are included to ensure fast, smooth cuts.



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