Monograph Extreme cnc plasma cutting machineMonograph Extreme
A CNC Plasma Cutter

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The Monograph Extreme is a cnc plasma cutter designed to deliver many years of reliable performance and efficient production. It features a unitized downdraft table design, keeping the overall footprint as compact as possible, thus maximizing your production space. This design allows the operator full view of the cutting operation. Maximum fume extraction is achieved with the deep design of the downdraft table.

Equipped with either a Hypertherm's EDGE Pro Ti CNC and Integrated Sensor Ti Torch Height Control or Flashcut Titanium CNC and Flashcut Stingray Plasma Height Control, this machine allows ease of use for any operator. It's sturdy design and low backlash planetary gearboxes allow this single side drive machine to deliver premium motion and accuracy.


Standard Equipment

  • Emergency Stop Button: To quickly and safely shut off machine motion and cutting process, including oxy-fuel gases to the torch.
  • Precision Ground Rail and Guide Rollers: Ensures smooth and accurate motion.
  • Limit Switches: Used for over-travel as well as homing of the machine.
  • Cable Carrier: Allows cables and hoses to be managed properly when moving from one end of machine to the other.
  • Precision Ground Rack and Drive Pinions: Large diameter pinions offer accurate and smooth machine motion.
  • Maintenance Free Guide Rollers: Sealed bearings for linear roundway.
  • Planetary Gearbox and Servo Motor: Precise and accurate motion.
  • Adjustable Leveling Pads: Allows for easy leveling.
  • Fork Truck Lift Pockets: Easily move machine from one location to another.
  • CNC Controller: Hypertherm EDGE® Pro Ti: see literature for all the benefits

CNC and Height Control Options

  • Hypertherm EDGE® Pro with Sensor-Ti Torch Height Control
  • Flashcut Titanium Series CNC with Flashcut Stingray Plasma Height Control

Plasma Options & Optional Equipment

    Hypertherm®   Click here for Hypertherm® Cut Charts

  • powermax65®: Production Pierce 1/2" Mild Steel 
  • powermax85®: Production Pierce 5/8" Mild Steel 
  • powermax105®: Production Pierce 3/4" Mild Steel
  • MAXPRO200®: Production Pierce 1" Mild Steel


Hypertherm® ProNest® 2017 LTS
Standard Features
Part creation and development

  • Integrated 2D CAD program to create and edit CAD files
  • Variable Shape Parts feature to develop common parts from templates
  • CAD/CAM import and conversion
  • Automatic nesting
  • Interactive manual nesting
  • Built-in process parameters
  • Reporting

*Software for Edge Pro-Ti and Sensor-Ti THC


Flashcut CNC Version 6.0
From CAD to CAM to CNC In One Integrated Program

  • CAD for drawing any 2-D shape
  • CAM with automatic generation of lead in/outs
  • Cut Wizard sets precise feedrates, cut heights based on material thickness
  • Automatic kerf compensation
  • Simple import of pictures and drawings
  • True shape nesting of multiple parts
  • One click brings tool path to CNC controller

*Software for Flashcut Titanium CNC and Stingray THC


Optional Equipment

  • Fume Extraction Unit - made by Donaldson ExtraLife™
  • Water Table: Manual fill
  • Hypertherm® Cam Solutions NestMaster™ 2012 - see literature for more details

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