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Wel-Handy Multi Next
Wed, Jan 2nd 2019 08:00 am
Arcade, NY - Koike Aronson announced the release of its improved carriage welder, the Wel-Handy Multi Next. The new model is an evolutionary update of the highly regarded Wel-Handy series, which was originally introduced in the 1980's and has had continual improvements and expanded capabilities throughout its lifetime. The Wel-Handy Multi Next moves the industry forward with innovations that make it even more flexible.
IK-12 Next
Wed, Jan 2nd 2019 08:00 am
Arcade, NY - Koike Aronson announced its newest iteration of the highly acclaimed IK-12 automation carriage. IK-12 NEXT is the latest model of the IK series, one of the most popular and longest selling gas cutting carriages in the fabrication industry. With a new control panel and body redesign, it offers even greater versatility with the ability to cut and weld with the same carriage. This is complimented by a plethora of different cutting and welding head attachments.
Cut The Heat
Thu, Nov 29th 2018 01:00 pm
Koike featured in Welding Productivity magazine. Article highlights Koike's extensive history with shipbuilding and it's new portable cutting machine that will be launched in 2019.
New 360X Pipe Rotator Option now Available Koike Aronson
Fri, Nov 2nd 2018 08:00 am
Arcade, NY - Koike Aronson has announced a new 360X pipe rotator option for its popular PlateProX HD model, as well as the highly regarded MasterGraph EX2 and VersaGraph Extreme. The option will target customers in the oil and gas industry, among others and, is available as of November 2018 and will be on display at FABTECH 2018.
Koike Aronson Celebrates its 100 Year Anniversary
Thu, Nov 1st 2018 04:50 pm
You may have passed the big factory on Main Street and wondered what exactly Koike Aronson does. If so, you're not alone. In fact, many people have been passing the plant for years without knowing exactly what goes on within those walls.
Oxyfuel cutting very, very thick plate
Fri, Sep 21st 2018 11:00 am
At a handful of industrial facilities on this planet, you'll see a long flame cutting through a mountain of steel 10 feet deep. It looks volcanic, primordial, perhaps other-worldly. Making it happen is one of metal fabrication's oldest technologies: oxyfuel cutting.
Koike Aronson helps students learn about skilled trades STEM fair
Fri, Apr 27th 2018 04:05 pm
It was an eye opening experience for more than 1,000 middle school and high school students in Western New York and North Western Pennsylvania, as Koike Aronson exhibited at the Dream It Do It Western New York's manufacturing and STEM fair on Friday, April 20th in Portville, NY.
The Key To A Manufacturer's Success
Wed, Sep 24th 2014 01:00 pm
As any manufacturer will tell you, the key to their success is...
Welding Journal
Tue, Mar 25th 2014 01:00 pm
How to Choose a Positioner for Welding
Beveling Success
Thu, Mar 20th 2014 10:00 am
Ontario manufacturer sees big benefits with new high-tech plasma machine.
Koike Receives Manufacturer of the Year Award Arcade Area Chamber of Commerce
Mon, Dec 2nd 2013 02:00 pm
Koike Aronson is honored to accept the Manufacturer of the Year Award from the Arcade Chamber of Commerce and will strive to expand and improve the quality of life in Arcade and its' surroundings.
Huge Girder Shipped
Mon, Dec 2nd 2013 02:00 pm
The first of the two longest girders that Cranetech Inc. has ever manufactured made its way out of Arkport and into Arcade Monday to be used at a Koike Aronson manufacturing facility.
Growing Again
Mon, Dec 2nd 2013 02:00 pm
The mammoth addition currently underway at Koike Aronson in Arcade will another 30,000 square feet to the complex.

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