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IK-12 Next

Koike Aronson's new IK-12 NEXT features cutting and welding on the same carriage

Wed, Jan 2nd 2019 08:00 am

Arcade, NY – Koike Aronson announced its newest iteration of the highly acclaimed IK-12 automation carriage. IK-12 NEXT is the latest model of the IK series, one of the most popular and longest selling gas cutting carriages in the fabrication industry. With a new control panel and body redesign, it offers even greater versatility with the ability to cut and weld with the same carriage. This is complimented by a plethora of different cutting and welding head attachments.


“The IK-12 NEXT continues the tradition of legendary IK series carriage welder,” said Shane McMahon, Portables Product Manager at Koike Aronson. “The new, patented body shape is specially designed to dissipate heat, which means you can do longer welds on thicker metal without excessive heat buildup.”


In addition to the revolutionary body shape, a new drive control system enables the operator to accurately set a wide range of parameters as they relate to each process. With the use of a digital display, set-up time is greatly reduced and made more repeatable. The newly patented “CREEP MODE” enables the user to instantly switch to low speed mode at the start and finish of each run. This helps with heat transfer commonly found with working thicker plate. With the optional weaving attachment, larger welds can be produced in a single pass, thus greatly increasing productivity.


“With the IK-12 NEXT, we set out to offer even more flexibility, while retaining the ease-of-use the IK-12 is known for,” said McMahon. “You can opt for single or multiple torch configurations, as well as perform an extensive amount of work with the same carriage. The IK-12 is essentially the Swiss army knife of portable cutting and welding.”


  • Capable of cutting and welding on the same carriage
  • Configurable for gas, plasma or welding torch heads
  • Stable and accurate speed control is achieved with the use of an encoder motor
  • Speeds are accurately maintained using the digital speed indicator
  • Wide range of speed setting, from 2-94 IPM
  • Heat resistance is greatly increased with new body design
  • Options are compatible with IK-12 legacy machines for greater versatility


“The user interface on the IK-12 NEXT makes it extremely simple to learn,” said Ron Krasnek, Manager of Global Sales and Marketing. “You can set speed presets and monitor your settings on the digital display, but using intuitive analog controls. It’s the best of both worlds, because it’s sophisticated and versatile, but also easy to use.”


For more information, please visit https://www.koike.com/ik12next.

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