Plasma Systems

Hypertherm High Definition/Hydefinition plasma systems  


Hypertherm HyPerformance/HyDefinition Plasma Systems

HyPerformance Plasma cuts fine-feature parts with superior quality and consistency while eliminating cost of secondary operations. The quick disconnect torch makes changing consumables fast and easy. Long consumable life, dross free edges, minimum angularity and high system reliability maximize productive "arc-on-time". HyPerformance Plasma combines fast cutting speeds, rapid process cycling,quick changeovers and high reliability to maximize productivity. 130 amp to 800 amp systems are available to meet your production demands.

  • HPR130xd: Production Pierce 3/4" Mild Steel
  • HPR260xd: Production Pierce 1-1/4" Mild Steel
  • HPR400xd: Production Pierce 2" Mild Steel
  • Hypertherm® XPR300 with Optional Gas Console Boxes:
    • Standard Coreâ„¢console: Production Pierce 1.75 inch Mild Steel; 1.25 inch Stainless Steel
    • Vented Water Injection: Production Pierce 2 inch Mild Steel; 1.5 inch Stainless Steel
    • OptiMix console: Product Pierce 2 inch Mild Steel; 1.5 inch Stainless Steel


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