Plasma Systems

Conventional Plasma Systems

Hypertherm® Conventional LongLife Air and Oxygen Plasma Systems

Heavy-Duty production tools with cost reducing LongLife technology for dramatically longer consumable life and much lower operating costs. The quick disconnect torch makes changing consumables fast and easy. Impressive cut speeds, consistent cut quality and exceptional consumable life gives this plasma system a reliable performance across a wide range of industrial applications.

Conventional Plasma Systems offered for the ShopPro:

  • Hypertherm® powermax85: has a production pierce of 5/8 inch mild steel
  • Hypertherm® powermax105: has a production pierce of 3/4 inch mild steel
  • Hypertherm® powermax125: has a production pierce of 1 inch mild steel
  • Hypertherm® MAXPRO200: has a production pierce of 1-1/4 inch mild steel 
    Liquid Cooled High Duty Cycle

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