PNC-12 ExtremePortable CNC Cutting Machine

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If you’re a hobbyist looking for a portable CNC cutting machine with a proven design and legendary Koike Aronson reliability, look no further than the PNC-12 Extreme. Based on input from fabricators for a simple, economical cantilever CNC cutting table that can be configured as either a portable oxy-fuel cutting machine or a portable plasma cutting machine. 

Due to its compact size, installation of the PNC-12 Extreme is easier than ever. Assembly and setup of all components, such as the cutting machine body, rail, and cross bar do not require any special measuring tools.  Prior to shipping, the PNC-12 Extreme is pre-adjusted at our factory. Once you are ready, simply slide all components together and connect cables.

The PNC-12 Extreme is so versatile fabrication tool that some owners have used it not only for metal cutting, but welding and hardfacing as well. (See the video on the right.) We can even show you how to use it in the field, connected to a portable generator. And with a standard 2-year warranty, this the CNC machine you’ll own for the long haul.

PNC-12 Extreme Features & Benefits

  • Plasma Cutting Ready
    Cut non-ferrous and thin material by adding on a plasma system up to 125 amps
  • Cutting Thickness
    Can cut maximum of 4 in.
  • CNC Controller
    Computer controlled technology allows unlimited shape cutting using 45 pre-programmed patterns or use of NC code. 
  • Performs Various Cuts
    Including straight lines, circles, programmed shapes, artwork and straight beveling.
  • Light weight
    Can be moved and used just about anywhere inside or in the field.
  • Electric Clutch X and Y
    Position machine body and torch; quickly before and after a cut.
  • Oxy-Fuel Cutting
    Limited lifetime torch warranty. Programmable piercing sequence prevents tip damage.
  • Plasma Cutting Package
    Includes initial torch height sensor, arc voltage height control, and torch break away.
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