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Portable Machines and Gas Apparatus Catalog

CNC Cutting Machines

PNC-12 Extreme

H-Beam Cutting Machine

Mini Mantis II - portable H or I Beam cutting machine  

Mechanized Hand Cutting Equipment

Edge Cut trackless oxy-fuel beveling machine IK-93 Hawk straight line, hand-guided cutting portable machineHandy Auto & Handy Auto Plus Series hand cutting torch

Pipe Cutting

Auto Picle S large pipe cutting machineKHC-600D hole pipe cutterPicle - 1-II manual pipe cutting machine

Shape Cutting

Cir-Cut I/II shape metal cutting machine IK-54D portable shape cutting machineIK-70 oxy-fuel circle cutting machineIK-82 magnetic shape cutting machine

Track-Guided Cutting

 IK-12 Beetle  IK-12 Max3IK-12 Max3P - plasma portable track-guided cutting machineIK-72T

Portable Positioners

LDR bench positionerBench Positioners B1 and B3

Portable Welding Carriages

Wel-Handy MultiWel Handy Mini StrongIK-12 Max3 WIK-72WWel-Handy Multi StitchWel-Twin Wel-Handy Multi II IK-12 NEXT new portable cutting and welding carriage

Gas Apparatus

In addition to the wide range of cutting and welding machines Koike Aronson, Inc./ Ransome produces we also offer a large variety of options and other components to make our cutting machines and your facility more productive.

Some of our options are 'stand-alone' and can be used with most shops' current equipment, making what you already use every day safer and more productive.

Metal Cutting TipsFlashback ArrestorsGas CouplingsGas RegulatorsHand and Machine TorchesSnap ValveTorch Bevel AttachmentTwin Tip Holder

Call us with an application, let us put our experience to work for you, and we will see what options will work best.


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